Effective for the 2018-19 school year, EIPS is changing the registration system for returning students to a new pre-enrolment process.

If your child currently attends school within EIPS and will not be graduating this year, you will be contacted in March to log in through the Parent Portal to confirm that the student or students in your household will be returning to EIPS for the upcoming school year, and if they plan on attending their designated school or wish to register at a non-designated school (that is, one that is outside of your boundary). In order to be considered for a non-designated school in 2018-19, you must make that request through the pre-enrolment process between March 1 and 15, 2018.

New to the Division? If you’re registering for 2018-19 school year, complete the Online Student Registration. If you’re registering for the current school year (2017-18) contact the school directly. 

At the same time you are pre-enrolling your child, you will be asked to update student information on record with the school, which eliminates the need for the Correction Forms that are sent home with students each September. The online form can be updated year-long as required.

To determine if this is your designated school, please  use the Versa-trans e-link on the EIPS website at:

Kindergarten Registration Now Open


Ardrossan Elementary offers a dual track programs in both English and French Immersion. Our ECS programs offers the following options:

English ECS - two classes: 

  • Monday/Thursday and some Wednesdays or
  • Tuesday/Friday and some Wednesdays

French Immersion:

  • Tuesday/Friday and some Wednesdays

Click here to register.

Have you Considered French Immersion?

What is French Immersion?

The French Immersion Program give students fluency in speaking, reading, writing, listening and communicating in French by the end of Grade 12.

French is the language of instruction, beginning in Kindergarten continuing to Grade 3 when English is introduced.

Check out Alberta Education’s French Immersion ECS Handbook for more details.

Why Should I Consider French Immersion for my Child?

Learning French offers students significant linguistic, academic and cognitive benefits:

  • strengthens English literacy skills and listening skills
  • enhances problem-solving abilities
  • strengthens concentration, math, and the ability to filter out non-important information
  • provides students with more flexible, divergent, and creative thinking skills
  • delays dementia and Alzheimer’s disease later on in life
  • provides graduates with more choices for advanced education and career options
  • gives graduates a competitive edge in the job market anywhere
  • broadens students' cultural life through access to literature, art, music and theatre
  • helps students to better understand the history, development and government of their country
  • builds cultural awareness and empathy
  • increases a student's feeling of self-esteem and pride
  • makes learning additional languages easier

We Don’t Speak French at Home! How does that work?

You are not alone. Most parents of French Immersion students do not speak French! In fact, it was non-French speaking parents who invented French Immersion in the first place! Your child will do just fine whether or not you speak French at home.

Check out Yes, You Can Help!(

We are happy to answer any questions you might have!