School Education Plan

School Goals

Thank you to all those who provided input during School Council meetings. A great Bison thank you to our student representatives who shared their thoughts during student meetings and to our staff who shared their ideas during our fall staff meetings. The most current copy (Year 1) of the School Education Plan 2018-2022 is provided below:

AEL School Education Plan Year 1

School Goals:

GOAL 1:  AEL promotes success for all students by nurturing the whole child.

(EIPS Priority 1, Goal 1 & 2)

GOAL 2: AEL promotes a culture of excellence through leadership and collaboration.

(EIPS Priority 2, Goal 1, 3 & 4)

GOAL 3: AEL promotes effective stakeholder engagement, partnerships and communication.

(EIPS Priority 3, Goal 1 & 2)

Together we can focus our skills and talents to ensure success for all! Great happens here!