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Ardrossan Elementary offers a dual-track English and French immersion program serving approximately 600 students in Kindergarten to Grade 6. With our motto: Success for all/le succès à la portée de tous, our teams strive to ensure that every child experiences success and discover their passions. Located in Ardrossan, the school is one of 43 schools within Elk Island Public Schools.


Our students, parents and teachers work collaboratively to foster students success in an environment based on trust, respect and hope. It is a place where people are filled with a positive outlook on life; it is a place where people work hard, celebrate their accomplishments and provide support during difficult times.

Ardrossan Elementary, a dual-track school offering both a regular English program and a French Immersion program, is located 10 minutes east of Sherwood Park. All but a few of the approximately 600 students are bussed to school, and come from acreages and farms and communities in the surrounding area. French Immersion Junior High and Senior High programs are also available at the nearby Jr. / Sr. High School. The school houses a system program as well: PALS (Play and Learn in School) Program.

Ardrossan Elementary school is known for its strong emphasis on both academics and leadership. The learning team works closely with parents/guardians to provide learning opportunities for all students.

Ardrossan Elementary offers a variety of opportunities for students to maximize their achievements in the areas of fine arts, academics, technology and physical education. We offer a Daily Physical Activity program to encourage the development of a healthy lifestyle. We are very proud of our students and their achievements.


Dan Verhoeff


Susan Miller


Carla Kokotailo - Assistant Principal

Lisa McNeely - Registrar

Tanya Suprovich - Business Manager


Success for All ~ le succès à la portée de tous


Ardrossan Elementary community believes all students can succeed in our respectful, safe, and caring learning environment.

La communauté de école Ardrossan Elementary croît que chaque élève peut réussir dans un environnement d'apprentissage entouré de respect, de sécurité, et de soins.


It is our shared responsibility to ensure that each child experiences success. As a family, this community collaborates to ensure that each member of the Bison herd thrives. 


We believe Ardrossan Elementary School provides an exemplary learning environment that fosters success through:

  • a warm, welcoming, respectful school community
  • meaningful learning experiences for all
  • high expectations for academics, behavior and citizenship
  • diversified programs which allow students to achieve to their full potential
  • the recognition of individual differences, interests and abilities
  • language learning opportunities in French Immersion and French as a Second Language
  • a love of life-long learning
  • a respectful and collaborative active partnership between students, staff, parents and our community
  • effective communication
  • best practices in teaching, assessment and instruction.

Education Plan

School Education Plan 2023-24


Programs and Services

Regular English Programming (K-6)
French Immersion (K-6)
Play and Learn (PALS) age 2.5-5 yrs
Hot Lunch Program