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Bison Tales - April 22, 2022

So many shoes! Way to recycle, reduce and reuse!

Today was a special day for several reasons. First of all, we officially thanked our incredible volunteers with our appreciation event in the Gathering Area this morning. Like the days before the pandemic, our volunteers joined us for some delicious baked treats, a few little gifts, and some musical entertainment provided by our Grade 4 and 5 students. 

We also saw another great Ardrossan tradition return - Grade 6 sports tournaments! Students were invited to watch the Grade 6 students compete in a handball tournament throughout the afternoon!

It was also Earth Day and many classes showed their love for the environment by bringing in their old shoes for the Strathcona County Shoe Drive! With the prize of a cotton candy party on the line for the class who collected the most old shoes, things got pretty competitive! One class had close to 200 pairs of shoes! Wow! We'll announce the winners of the party next week during the morning announcements!

As the weather turns to spring and the days get longer, we are feeling hopeful to see our beloved traditions and community connections starting to flourish again! Have a great weekend!

Great Happens Here!

Helene Hewitt and Kyla Harding

Principal and Assistant Principal

Table of Contents

Week At a Glance


  • Jukebox Breakout Room Musical is Coming Soon!
  • Western Day - April 29


  • Order a 2021-2022 Yearbook!
  • Visit the Safety & Wellness Fair - May 7


  • Counsellor's Corner
  • Habit 6 Assembly - Grade 6 Leaders Rock!
  • Grade 6 Handball Tournament A Success!
  • Parents Make the Difference 





  • Yearbook sales begin! (Find it in optional fees on Parent Portal!)
  • Student Clubs:
    • AETV - Grade 6 Team C
    • Card Club - Grade 4
    • Cute Things Club - Grade 5 Group 1
    • French Immersion Club - Grade 1




  • Student Clubs:
    • Gardening Club - Grade 3 & 4
    • French Immersion Club - Grade 4
    • Games Club - Grade 3




  • Administrative Professionals Day
  • Student Clubs:
    • Art Club: Grade 6
    • Basketball Club: Grade 5
    • French Immersion Club: Grade 3
    • Games Club: Grade 4
    • Gardening Club: Grade 3 & 4




  • Jukebox Breakout Room Performances! - Grade 5/6 musical in the gym
    • 1:30 p.m. performance for students
    • 6:30 p.m. evening performance for families
  • Student Clubs:
    • Cute Things Club: Grade 5 Group 2
    • French Immersion Club: Grade 6
    • Gardening Club: Grade 3 & 4
    • LEGO Club: Grade 1


  • Western Day! 
  • Emergency Evacuation drill #4 at some time today
  • Student Clubs:
    • Daebak Dance Club: Grade 3 & Grades 4/5/6
    • French Immersion Club: Grade 5
    • LEGO Club: Grade 1
  • Bison Tales posted online


Jukebox Breakout Room Musical Is Coming!

Our Grade 5s and some of our Grade 6 students have been hard at work preparing a Spring Musical! Under the enthusiastic direction of our musical leader, Mrs. Pretzlaff, students help to write and rehearse an original musical production that will be performed for students and a few guests in the afternoon on April 28 as well as in the evening for the families of the performers. 

The families of the students involved in the production should have received an email with more details as well as a short Google Form to fill out that lets us know how many people (from 1 to 4) will be attending the performance. This is to help us make sure that we are not violating the fire code in the gym as well as help us to ensure that we have enough chairs available for the audience. 

If your child is performing and you did not get an email about it, please contact Mrs. Harding at so that we can send it to you!

Western Day

Next Friday is Western Day! Dust off the old cowboy boots and hat! Come to school in your best Western gear for a grand ol' time!


Order a 2021-2022 Yearbook!

Mrs. McNeely has been hard at work preparing our Ardrossan Elementary 20201-2022 Yearbook! You can now order your own copy starting on April 25 until May 6 at midnight. You can find the yearbook order in your Parent Portal account under "optional fees". You can add it to your cart and you are good to go! For the bargain price of $18, you can get a beautiful memory for your family! Yearbooks will be delivered before the end of June to take with you over the summer! 

Visit the Safety & Wellness Fair - May 7

The Ardrossan Recreation & Agricultural Society (ARAS) is excited to announce the expansion of our safety fair to include wellness opportunities and the Farmers’ Market. The new ARAS Safety & Wellness Fair will include local businesses, services and programs and the Ardrossan Farmers' Market – all in one place. Child-friendly, informative & interactive fun for all ages!

The event will take place on May 7, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Ardrossan Recreation Centre! Check it out! 


Counsellor's Corner

In the upcoming weeks, auditions for our AEL Marching Band will be taking place! Auditions can be nerve-wracking and anxiety inducing in and of themselves, however, with these auditions comes the opportunity for another challenge: disappointment. With a limited number of spaces available, some students will inevitably end up having to cope with a degree of disappointment should they find out they didn’t receive a spot in the band. Here are a few suggestions to help your child cope with disappointing situations:

  1. Lead with empathy: Let your child know that you recognize this was important to them, and that they are feeling disappointed. You can explain that it is natural to feel this way when things don’t go to plan, but that you know they are strong enough to handle these emotions as well.
  2. Set them up for (emotional) success: When having conversations around the auditions, include in these discussions the word “if” (if you get in the band, if the audition goes well, etc.), while still being encouraging of them and their talent. Managing expectations ahead of time can make the potential of a disappointing outcome a possibility to keep in mind, and lessen the letdown “if” it happens. 
  3. Be a guide, not a fixer: As a caregiver, it can be tempting to want to “fix” problems when they arise, wanting to help your child avoid potentially painful or emotional situations. However, it is also important to recognize that disappointment is an inevitable part of life, and learning healthy coping skills at a young age can set kids up for long term success and emotional wellbeing. Helping your child remember that more opportunities will come up, and thinking of ways to practice and prepare for next time can keep them focused on the future (using that growth mindset!)

~Madeleine Pye, School Counsellor

Habit 6 Assembly - Grade 6 Leaders Rock!

Our Grade 6 wowed us with their amazing virtual/in-person Habit 6 assembly! We invited all of the students in Division 2 (4 to 6) to come and watch the assembly in the gym at the same time this morning, followed by our Division 1 students (K to 3). It was our first time coming together across a few grades in a common space so that we are ready to do a whole school assembly by the end of the year!

The Grade 6 students did a great job of leading the assembly while also showing videos to students. We were so proud of them!

Grade 6 Handball Tournament a Success!

We heard the squeaking of running shoes echoing through the gym today as our Grade 6 students participated in their first Grade 6 handball tournament! They played some great matches and wowed us with their mad handball skills! They were also working hard by selling snacks at a concession to raise money that they will donate to the AEPSA for the playground fund! Our kids are not only great athletes but also incredible citizens! Bravo, Bisons!

Parents Make the Difference

Throughout the year we will include some articles with some great tips and strategies for parents. Here is this week's featured article:

Show your child how to deal with failure in positive ways

Sooner or later, your child will experience a failure or setback. The way you react to it can help shape his character and academic achievement.

To help your child bounce back from setbacks:

  • Remind him that you love him unconditionally. Your love isn’t tied to his performance in school.
  • Focus on the positives. Mistakes are actually opportunities for learning. Help your child think about what he can do differently in the future.
  • Praise what you can. “Most of your answers were correct on this test. That’s an improvement.”
  • Be realistic. If you know he’s doing his best and he still doesn’t bring up a grade, don’t let him think you are disappointed. Instead, focus on creating a plan for improvement.
  • Move on. Don’t dwell on the failure. When parents spend too much time talking about setbacks, children can have a harder time getting past them.
  • Don’t argue with your child’s teachers or coaches to try to get them to change a decision or a grade. Your child needs to learn to respect their decisions.
  • Don’t take over. If your child earned a low grade on a writing assignment, talk about ways to improve, but don’t jump in and write the next paper with him.
  • Be a role model. Handle your own mistakes and failures in positive ways.

Reprinted with permission from the April 2022 issue of Parents make the difference!®  (Elementary School Edition) newsletter. Copyright © 2022 The Parent Institute®, a division of PaperClip Media, Inc. Source: D. Walsh, No: Why Kids–of All Ages–Need to

Hear It and Ways Parents Can Say It, Free Press.

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