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Bison Tales - April 16, 2021

Fun in the sun!

Now that wearing masks is a part of our everyday lives, I've been thinking about how much I miss seeing a person's face as a cue for understanding their feelings. It seems I have taken for granted how nice it is to see the dimples that show up when people smile or the little wrinkles that crease someone's nose when they are grinning at you. With so much happening under the surface in people's lives and half of our faces covered in masks, it is easy to misunderstand each other or to make false assumptions.

Which brings me to the topic of today's Habit 5 assembly. Seek First to Understand and then be Understood seems like an essential skill for today's times. It has never been more important to listen and ask questions to make sure that we are not jumping to conclusions or projecting our own worries and stress onto others by mistake. But don't take my word for it! Our Grade 5 students are experts in explaining this habit. Check out their virtual assembly by clicking here

As we continue moving forward one day at a time, we hope that you are able to enjoy those small moments of joy that are still springing up all around us in the form of sunlight as you drive to work or the Canadian geese having romantic strolls in the field. As Spring emerges, feelings of hope bloom with it!

As always, if your family is in need of support, please reach out to us. It is through the compassion and kindness of a community united that we will all prosper!

Great Happens Here!

Helene Hewitt & Kyla Harding

Principal & Assistant Principal


  • Bottle Drive all week!
  • AJS Grade 6 Junior High registration forms are due today
  • Little Ceasar's Pizza Kit Pick up at 4 p.m. in drop off lane! (Please wear a mask!)
  • A great learning day!
  • Jersey Day


  • Bottle Drive
  • Survey Time! It's not too late! Have Your Say!


  • Tidbits from the Lunchbox
  • Virtual Gathering for Self-Identified First Nations, Métis and Inuit Families
  • Colibri Fabric Bags are Back!
  • April Fundscrip
  • Plant Fundraiser


  • Safety First!
  • National Volunteer Week


Bottle Drive - Win a Prize!

After a long cold winter, you might have a nice collection of bottles at home! Bring your bottles and drop them off in the trailer parked at the front of the school. If you take a picture of yourself dropping off bottles and post it to social media (like the parent Facebook group or Twitter @ArdrossanElem) you will be entered to win a gift card to Salisbury Greenhouse! Proceeds from the bottle drive will go to our playground project grant money!

Have your say! The 2021 EIPS Parent Survey is Now Open

Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) wants to hear from you. Make sure to complete the 2021 EIPS Parent Survey—open from April 6-20.

Annually, EIPS conducts a parent survey to gauge its progress toward meeting the goals and priorities outlined in its Four-Year Education Plan. Families are asked a series of questions about their experiences with EIPS and the school their child attends, the overall performance of the Division, the quality of education being provided to students and areas for improvement. The survey feedback helps the Division develop new strategies to better serve students and the wider community.

Plus, new this year, the survey includes a Part B, featuring questions about the Division’s priorities, goals and outcomes. As you know, in fall 2021, EIPS welcomes a new locally elected Board of Trustees. Your feedback will help the incoming Board develop a new EIPS Four-Year Education Plan—one that’s responsive to student and community needs and focused on continuous improvement.

TAKE THE SURVEY NOW! Survey closes April 20, 2021.

NOTE: The survey is anonymous and doesn't take long to complete. If you want to share the experience of more than one child attending an EIPS school, simply complete the survey again.

Grade 4 Parent Survey from the Government of Alberta

If you are the parent of a student in Grade 4, you should have received a letter from Alberta Education about the Assurance Survey. This is a survey, formally called the Accountability Pillar Survey, the collects feedback on a variety of topics about the quality of education your children are experiencing as well as about ways in which our school is meeting the needs of your family. 

The survey can be completed online using the random access code that was included in your letter. We would really appreciate having as many parents of Grade 4 students complete the survey as possible! Your feedback helps us to continue to improve as a school community. 

We have noticed that sometimes people are not aware of all of the things taking place at the school, especially this year when visitors are not permitted in the building. If you are not certain about something, please don't hesitate to call or email and we can provide you with information you need. You can also read about our accomplishments in the Mid-Point Review

Grade 4 students both in school and out of school, have already completed the survey. If you have lost your information in the mail, you can still request another access code by contacting:

System Assurance Branch System Excellence, Alberta Education

Phone: (780) 643-9193 (in Edmonton) or 310-0000 (Toll-free within Alberta)



Tidbits from the Lunchbox

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and understanding during this unforeseen closure.

Hot lunch Service will not resume until Tuesday April 27. All orders will be credited to your accounts (please be patient while we do this) for meals ordered between Wednesday April 14 and Monday April 26.

The AEPSA Cinnamon Bun Fundraiser will be rescheduled and served on May 28.

The Grade 6 Pizza Treat Day will be rescheduled and served on May 14.

We apologize again for the short notice cancellation, and any inconvenience this has caused this past week. We look forward to getting back into the kitchen soon! 

*Reminder Little Caesar's Pizza Kits pickup is Wednesday April 21 from 3pm-6pm. Please make arrangements to have your orders picked up as we have no where to store any leftover or forgotten items. Thank you to everyone who sold kits and helped support this fundraiser! 

The winners for selling the most kits are: 

1st place - 45 kits Jayda & Rhett Lloyd

2nd place - 40 Kits Tennesy Brown

3rd place - 34 kits- Brenden & Jayden Ziegler

Third Gathering (virtual) for families of self-identified students:  April 20, 2021 (7 - 8 PM)

Sessions will be held online using Microsoft Teams Meetings,  Join on your computer or mobile app  Click here to join the meeting

We thank all families for joining us in our gatherings and sharing your stories. For our final virtual gathering of the school year, we hope to discuss:

  1. Looking back: highlights from around EIPS
  2. Looking forward: What are your hopes for your child/ren? What does success and achievement look like as part of our EIPS family?

Colibri Fabric Bags are Back!

Did you know that Earth day is on April 22? Why not demonstrate your love for the planet AND our school by purchasing some reusable fabric bags in our Colibri fundraiser.

Our Colibri fundraiser was a huge success last year! You can order a variety of great items such as reusable food bags, mask bags, straws and more! All proceeds from the sale go the Ardrossan Elementary Parent Support Association (AEPSA) and will help us get one step closer to our playground fundraising goal of $100,000 for our matching grant.

This fundraiser ends on April 26, 2021 so don't miss your chance to order!

A few important details...

The Colibri fundraising website is different than the regular Colibri retail website. Please visit to place your order.

You will see our school name when you check out. Please make sure you fill in all the required info to make sure your order comes to the school labeled and ready to enjoy!

April Fundscrip

Fundscrip is back for the month of April! Don't miss out on your chance to buy gift cards for the everyday items you need in your life with proceeds from each sale going to our playground enhancement project! Everyone needs to buy groceries! Why not buy a Sobey's gift card to use for groceries with a 2-3% kickback going to our school? Talk about Win-Win!

Orders are available online from April 9 to April 23 through the Hot Lunch website. Paper copies will no longer be distributed but your online orders will be processed easily! Don't forget that you can pay through e-transfer to

Plant Fundraiser in Support of our Playground Enhancement Project

Ardrossan Elementary Parent Support Association is excited to announce a spring fundraiser!  We will be selling a variety of plants which are shown on the order forms sent home today with your kids or on our team website:

Orders need to be in by Wednesday, April 21st and can be placed on the website and paid by etransfer or credit card.  If paying by cash all money and order forms need to be be dropped off in the hot lunch lockbox. 

Pick up will be on Friday, May 7th from 3:00-7:00 at Three Seasons Landscaping. 

Proceeds from the sale with go towards our playground fundraising efforts for our matching grant!


Safety First!

Thank you to all of our community members for using the drop off lanes more efficiently! People are remembering to stay close to their vehicles and to keep pulling forward into empty spots to allow more cars to enter the drop off lane. Also, we thank everyone for wearing a mask when they leave their vehicles to pick up students. With cases on the rise, we don't want to take any chances with the health and safety of your children! 

We have noticed that students are getting into cars in the middle of traffic while people are waiting to get to the drop off lane. We want to ensure that all students are safe and we will remind them to wait for you on the sidewalk and not on the road or the highway. 

You might have noticed our orange barrier blocking off access behind the staff parking area. Do you ever wonder why we do that? The reason we block that lane off is so that there is a place for emergency responders to access the school. If cars park there, fire trucks would not be able to access our building in the case of a fire or other serious event. Thank you to all for your understanding!

National Volunteer Week

A big THANK YOU to all EIPS families

National Volunteer Week takes place April 18-24. Most years, we celebrate the week in schools by thanking the hundreds of volunteers across EIPS who offer their knowledge and time to help enhance learning within the Division. This year is a little different because of COVID-19. While different, schools are thanking their families in new and creative ways.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees at Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS), I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to every one of our EIPS school families for your support over the last 12 months. Collectively, we’ve created a relationship that allows us to rally behind one clear vision: To provide exceptional education for all students. As we navigate the pandemic, it’s critical we continue to work together to support student learning. Through this, we’ll inspire learners and ensure they gain the skills they need to transition to the next grade or the world of work.

So, again, thank-you for your time, for your efforts, for your kindness and for your understanding as we work together to ensure all students succeed.

Trina Boymook

Chair, EIPS Board of Trustees

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