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Bison Tales November 25, 2022

Hello Bison families,

We have had a great week of new opportunities and special guests. Yesterday, the Elk Island Regional Honor Choirs Association performed for our school. They shared their talent with us, and sang many songs which filled our school with joy and holiday cheer.

We also welcomed Ivan Touko who shared is awesome dance moves and French culture with all of our classes.

A big congratulations to Mrs. Klippenstein's grade 4 class who was named Classroom of the Month by MIX 107. They were treated to a pizza party and other great prizes. Take a look at the article in Fort Sask Online.

Deck the trees with some donations. Fa-la-la-la!  The trees are up in the Gathering Area and they are ready to be decorated in donations for the Strathcona County Food Bank! Send the items for your child's grade level or send non-perishable food if you prefer! All donations are welcome to spread love and care to all in our community!

  • Kindergarten - Nov. 29 bring socks
  • Grade 1 - Nov. 30 bring mittens
  • Grade 2 - Dec. 1 bring mittens & gloves
  • Grade 3 - Dec. 2 bring hats
  • Grade 4 - Dec. 3 non-perishable food items
  • Grade 5 & 6 - Dec. 6 & 7 bring personal care items (toiletries, shampoo/condition, deodorant...)

Thank you for being active, caring citizens! Bisons, rule!

Lana Lastiwka and Tandy Atchison

Principal & Assistant Principal



  • Giving Tree! Kindergarten (socks)
  • Kindergarten Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Giving Tree! Kindergarten (socks)
  • Giving Tree! Grade 1 (mitts)
  • Kindergarten Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Giving Tree! Grade 2 (mitts/gloves)
  • Giving Tree! Grade 3 (hats)
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
  • Giving Tree! Grade 4 (non perishable food item)
  • Bison Tales posted online


Christmas Concert News

Dec 13 at 6pm – Grades 1&2

              At 7pm – Grades 3&4

(Public dress rehearsal for both shows begins at 1:00 p.m.)


Dec 14 at 6pm – Kindergarten

              At 7pm – Grade 5&6

(Public dress rehearsal for grades 5&6 begins at 1:00 p.m.)



Grade 1 – wear a red shirt. Red shirts with graphics can be worn inside out or backwards. Santa hats will be provided for the students to wear.​  If you don’t have a red shirt, you can wear anything Christmasy.


Grade 2 – Students have decided they would like to dress up as someone who might get rocks (a modern day lump of coal) for Christmas.

Here were some of their suggestions of what this character might look like at a Christmas Concert:

Wearing a regular hoodie or T-shirt, Ripped Jeans, Ball Cap on sideways or backwards

Possible accessories:

EMPTY water gun (must be in some sort of holster attached to their clothing, the students will not have hands available to hold it, they will be holding instruments)

Slingshot sticking out of shirt pocket. NO rocks or marbles please. (Tape could be used to create the pocket)

Dressing as this character is optional, students can also wear something Christmasy.


Grade 3 - Can you loan us some mini hockey sticks?  Please label all your sticks with your child’s name and class and send them to school ASAP.  We are hoping to have one for every grade 3 student! We still need about 35.

Grade 3 wears either something Christmas-y, or something that has Canadian colours and symbols like a Canada Jersey.


Grade 4 - Students have decided they would like to dress up in ugly Christmas sweaters for the concert.

You do not need to buy an ugly sweater if you don’t already have one, students can also wear anything Christmas-y.  Both are great, as the song is a two sided debate about ugly Christmas sweaters.


Grade 5&6 Musical Theatre Show

Grade 5s are elves in the choir for the musical, and grade 6 students are either the actors, tech crew, or in the elf choir. 

What to Wear:

Students who are in the elf choir and the tech team (all of gr 5 and some of gr 6) need a green shirt. There are the grade 3 green assembly shirts that can be worn if you don’t have one.  I also have optional elf hats, students do not need to bring a hat.

Actors have their own costumes for their characters.


We are still in need of a few props for the show!  Please label and bring these props as soon as possible. We will have to do the show without some of them if we can’t borrow them from the community.

Props Needed:

Telescopic selfie stick (doesn’t need to hold a phone, just be extended)

20 feet of black fabric for a curtain (this one is a shot in the dark, but if you don’t ask…)

Tool belt

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