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The old adage, "April showers bring May flowers" seems particularly appropriate as we begin a new month full of hope and the possibility of blue skies ahead. In light of the many difficult events that have touched our community of the past month, our hearts go out to those personally affected by the Humboldt tragedy as well as to those facing personal challenges.

It is in those times of struggle that communities come together to provide comfort and a helping hand to those in need. Thank you to all who have demonstrated their compassion by wearing the Humboldt Broncos colours on April 12th as well as to our staff who wear pink each Friday as a show of support for Mrs. Whetstone.

The first week of May is Education Week for Elk Island Public Schools and it offers us an opportunity to focus on what matters at Ardrossan Elementary - success for all. Each day, our team of professionals commit to ensuring that each student has the support they need to become capable learners, caring citizens of our local and global communities, and above all else, resilient individuals with the strength to bounce back when faced with challenges. 

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our parent/guardian community for completing the EIPS Parent Survey. We were very proud to have had the highest response rate in the division with a whopping 77% of our parent community filling out the survey. Our results have improved in almost every category from last year and we are committed to continued improvement to come in the new school year.

Finally, we would like to thank our industrious and energetic parent community for making our Galaxyland fundraiser a huge success. Thank you to the parent committee from the Ardrossan Elementary Parent Support Association for the many hours they spent selling and collecting ticket money, organizing online ticket sales, scanning in tickets from the very long line on the day of the event and for creating promotional materials for the event. Without the gift of your time, we would not have had such a wonderful turn out.

As the month of May blossoms before us, we thank you for your continued support in ensuring that school and home work together to help our students grow! Great Happens Here!


  • School Council and AEPSA Meeting
  • Planning for 2018-19
  • Student Transportation: 2018-2019 registration is now open
  • Ardrossan Yearbook
  • EpiPen® Supply Shortage


  • Leadership Ledger: Kindergarten Habit 7 Assembly May 30th at 9:30 a.m.
  • Little Elk Island Adventure: Registration for upcoming ECS students
  • Kindergarten Parent Orientation Evening May 24th at 6 p.m.
  • PALS Screening for  Students Aged 3-5


  • School Bus Driver Appreciation
  • AEL Speakers Extraordinaire
  • PAT Exams for Grade 6 Students
  • 2017-18 EIPS Parent Survey Results Report
  • Parents Make the Difference
  • Hats On! for Mental Health
  • Grade Group Configurations
  • D.A.R.E
  • HotLunch Tidbits
  • Education Week


School Council and AEPSA (Ardrossan Elementary Parents Support Association)

The last School Council Meeting of the year will take place on May 8th at 9:30 a.m. followed by the AEPSA (fundraising group) beginning at 10:30 a.m. in the Learning Commons.  All are welcome to attend. Stay tuned for information from Canadian Parents for French (CPF) regarding parent volunteer sign-up and ordering for the Year End BBQ on June 28th.

Planning for 2018-19

Planning for the next school year is underway.  Please let us know if your child(ren) will not be enrolled at AEL for September 2018. If you know of families who are moving into the AEL attendance area please encourage them to register as soon as possible. Please Note: Students can only be registered at ONE school for the upcoming school year. 

Student Transportation: 2018-19 registration is now open

Planning to use Student Transportation in the 2018-19 school year? If so, make sure your child is registered so Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) can plan routes and send your child a bus pass before the first day of school.

All students who indicated needing transportation services through the pre-enrolment process are now registered. Families will receive tentative route schedules and invoices by the end of the month—fees are due June 30, 2018.

For those students who didn’t indicate needing transportation service through the pre-enrolment process and want to now register, simply contact EIPS Student Transportation at 780-417-8151 or email

For more information about EIPS Student Transportation visit

NOTE: Fees can be paid online using the PowerSchool Parent Portal or in-person at the Student Transportation office—683 Wye Rd., Sherwood Park. The office will remain open during the summer months operating during the same hours as Central Administration.

Get Your Ardrossan Yearbook!

Mrs. Shackleton and Mrs. St. Jean have been working hard to prepare our 2017-18 yearbook. It looks beautiful and captures memories of our last year before moving into the new building! If you have not yet ordered a copy, it is not too late! You can purchase an online copy before May 15th! Visit and click order here. Enter the code: ARDYB2018

EpiPen® Supply Shortage

Pfizer Canada and Health Canada have released new updates regarding the EpiPen® and EpiPen® Jr supply constraints in Canada. Pfizer Canada has released a statement to advise they are experiencing supply constraints of EpiPen auto-injectors in the 0.3 mg EpiPen and 0.15 mg EpiPen Jr formats. Health Canada has released an update to advise that both auto-injector formats are expected to be in a shortage as of April 13, 2018. If you have an affected EpiPen®, be sure the device doesn’t expire before last day of the month (for example, April 2018 would be valid to April 30).


Leadership Ledger

The May Focus is Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw 

Key learnings for students are: 

  • I take care of my body by eating right, exercising and getting sleep;
  • I find meaningful ways to help others;
  • I spend time with family and friends; and
  • I learn in lots of ways and places, not just at school.

Join us May 30th at 9:30 a.m. for the ECS Habit 7 Assembly. Please click for more information about the 7 Habits.

Little Elk Island Adventure: Registration

Elk Island Public Schools is once again running Little Elk Island Adventure, a fun and informative program for first-time school bus riders.

Annually, Student Transportation offers the Little Elk Island Adventure to new riders and their parents. The program’s aim is to help ease any anxieties a family may have about riding the bus before even starting school. Through a series of activities, riders learn about: school bus safety, danger zones, tips on boarding and how to sit properly on the bus. After that, both the children and parents hop on the bus to practice what they’ve learned and then venture out on a short ride.

The Little Elk Island Adventure is for first-time school bus riders entering the 2018-19 school year. Sessions and times are available at these locations:

Location                                             Date                                     Time
EIPS Central Office                             August 21                                6 p.m.
EIPS Central Office                             August 23                                10 a.m.
EIPS Central Office                             August 23                                6 p.m.
EIPS Central Office                             August 27                                6 p.m.
EIPS Central Office                             August 29                                6 p.m.

SouthPointe School                            August 28                                6 p.m.

EIPS Central Office is located at 683 Wye Rd., Sherwood Park
SouthPointe School is located at 11 SouthPointe Blvd., Fort Saskatchewan

Space is limited and pre-registration is required. To register for a Little Elk Island Adventure, visit

More information regarding busing for kindergarten students is available at:

Kindergarten Parent Orientation - Gearing up for Kindergarten

Do you have a child registered in kindergarten next year? If so, make sure to attend our upcoming Kindergarten Parent Orientation Night on Thursday, May 24th at 6 p.m. Parents and caregivers will have the opportunity to:

  • meet the teachers;
  • gain insight about a typical day in kindergarten;
  • learn about the importance of play-based learning.

Elk Island Public Schools has also put together an online toolkit to make the transition to school as smooth as possible. The kit includes information on registration, important dates, programming options, what to expect, eligibility, how to find your designated school, transportation and more. Find it by visiting here

Additional information regarding Ecole Ardrossan Elementary School’s kindergarten program, can be found on our school website at Ardrossan Kindergarten Information.

NOTE: To be eligible to attend kindergarten in the 2018–2019 school year, children must be five years of age on, or before, December 31, 2018.

PALS Screening for Students Aged 3 - 5

Do you have a child between the ages of 3 and 5? Do you have any questions or concerns about his or her development? If so, please come attend a fun and play based screening session this spring. The team will include a Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and a teacher. They will screen your child’s speech sounds, language skills, fine-motor and emergent academic skills. The screening may help determine your child’s eligibility for our preschool program (PALS) or if your child may benefit from additional supports in kindergarten. Screening will be held on June 8th or alternative arrangements can be made if needed!

Call 780-922-2066 and ask to speak with Cindy or Shannon in PALS to set up a time.

Did you know?

  • Alberta Education provides funding for children who are ages 3-5 and have either a mild/ moderate delay (some examples might be having some difficulties with being understood by people outside of family/friends or using correct grammar when speaking) as well as children who may have a severe delay or identified disability.
  • Early intervention is a well-researched and successful model!
  • A PALS classroom is very much like a typical preschool classroom but has additional supports like a Speech Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist.
  • Ardrossan Elementary School has a PALS Classroom with both a morning and afternoon class. This is the designated rural Strathcona site, and children from all over the rural area can attend.
  • PALS is a free program for children who qualify and transportation may be available.


THANK YOU! Driver Appreciation Day is May 7

Join us on May 7 as we recognize and thank our school bus operators for keeping the safety of our students their first priority. On May 7, we encourage you, and your children, to take a moment to say thanks to our bus operators—all of whom go above and beyond the call of duty to provide safe and timely transportation to our students.

On behalf of Ardrossan Elementary, THANK YOU to all of our school bus operators for a job well done!

AEL Speakers Extraordinaire

Congratulations to Peyton Claude (Gr. 5) and Ava Gustafson (Gr. 6) who spoke at the annual EIPS/ATB Speech Competition last month. Courageous and confident, you were exceptional examples of Bison Spirit!  Thank you!

Grade 6 Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) Administration Dates

The following is a schedule of dates for the tests that will be completed in June. These dates can also be found on school calendars.

  • May 8:   Gr. 6 FLA Part A
  • May 10: Gr. 6 ELA Part A
  • June 15: Gr. 6 FLA Part B
  • June 18: Gr. 6 ELA Part B
  • June 19: Gr. 6 Math (Part A & B)
  • June 20: Gr. 6 Social Studies
  • June 22: Gr. 6 Science(s)

Please ensure that your child arrives on time, well-rested and has eaten a good breakfast on exam days. These are some of the best things you can do to ensure that your child performs well!

2017-18 EIPS Parent Survey Results Report 

The results are now available for the 2017-18 EIPS Parent Survey conducted in March. Thank you to all families who took the time to share their feedback with the Division. The survey included 20 questions related to the three priorities outlined in the EIPS 2015-2018 Three-Year Education Plan:

  • Priority 1: Promote growth and success for all students
  • Priority 2: Enhance high quality learning and working environments
  • Priority 3: Enhance public education through effective engagement, partnerships and communication

The overall Division results represent 2,918 responses from parents and guardians across EIPS. This was an increase in responses from 2,678 in the previous year.

The survey results for Ardrossan Elementary have helped us identify the following areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Areas of strength:

  • Establishing a safe and caring environment in which staff care about our students and their well-being
  • Ensuring that necessary resources are in place to ensure students experience growth in literacy & numeracy
  • Having high expectations of students to do their best with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be successful in life.

Opportunities for growth:

  • Developing a richer understanding of First Nations, Métis and Inuit culture and history
  • Improving the physical condition of our school 
  • Increasing access to community partnerships

The feedback gathered will help our school and the Division measure its progress toward meeting the priorities and goals outlined in the EIPS 2015-2018 Three-Year Education Plan and develop strategies to better serve students and the wider community moving forward. 

Parent Survey Results: Division 
Parent Survey Results: Ardrossan Elementary 

Parents Make the Difference

Parents Make the Difference publishes informative articles regarding child growth and development and school related topics. Articles for May include:

Hats On! for Mental Health

Students and Staff wore a hat on Wednesday, May 2nd in support of raising awareness of mental health for children and youth.   This past week, students and staff have been involved in several activities to bring an awareness of healthy bodies, healthy minds and bright futures. Please contact Ms. Mitchell for further information and check out

Grade Group Configurations

Ecole Elementaire Ardrossan Elementary is genuinely concerned for the welfare and success of your children. Every staff member strives to have students do their best and to feel comfortable in their surroundings. One of the goals we have is to maintain well-balanced classrooms. Classes should be academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally well balanced. Our staff has an essential role in establishing the most effective classrooms for learning and have consistently done a great job in preparing classes for each new school year.

As students change grades, they are naturally exposed to new friendship groups. An important benefit to being in a class with a variety of students is social growth and exposure to a variety of personalities. This helps foster independence and develops social skills. We ask for your support in allowing teachers to develop next year’s grouping in the fairest way possible. We take into account many factors, including academic performance, work habits, learning styles, interpersonal/social skill development, gender, etc.

We thank you for trusting our professionalism, expertise and experience as we develop student classroom lists for the upcoming school year. We consider many factors when creating classroom cohorts.

Information regarding class placements for the coming year will be enclosed in the final report card. In compliance with FOIP, class lists will not be posted in August. Parental requests,  directed to the principal, will only be considered in a written format which outlines extenuating circumstances by May 25th. Parent comments will be shared with the appropriate teacher(s). 

Staffing Update

Elk Island Public Schools continues to post a variety of teaching and educational assistant positions for the 2018-19 school year.  Ardrossan Elementary may experience some staff changes (i.e., secondments, maternity leaves and so on) as opportunities and new teaching experiences become available in other schools. We anticipate staffing changes will occur up to and including the summer months.

At this time, we can confirm that Ms. Tara Kammerer and Mrs. Becca Coates , Grade 6 teachers, have both accepted an exciting opportunity to join the new staff at Davidson Creek Elementary school. Mme Jade Jordan, Grade 1 French Immersion teacher, has also accepted an opportunity to teach at Ecole Parc Elementaire next year. We know that you will join us in wishing them all the best as they follow these enriching career opportunities! As the staffing process continues, we will keep you informed.   

D.A.R.E Drugs Awareness Resistance Education

DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education program) is a comprehensive drug prevention education program designed to equip elementary school children with the skills to recognize and resist social pressures to experiment with tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. Much thanks to the RCMP and Peace Officer, Jill Donaldson, as well as Strathcona County for providing these informative programs for our Grade 6 students. 

Tidbits From The LunchBox…

Congratulations to Kayla Kutz!!!

Kayla was asked to choose a nonprofit organization to research and present a short speech on for an All Women’s event in Sherwood Park on March 20th 2018. We are honoured that Kayla chose the AES Lunchbox to present that evening. She did an amazing job and received a cheque for $240.00 for our program, The AES LunchBox. Thank you so much Kayla!!!

Friendly reminder….Little Caesar Pizza fundraiser orders and payments are due May 10th. Pick up is May 30th from 4:30 - 6:30 pm. Please make arrangements with someone else to pick up your kits if you can not make it during this pick up time.

Ever wonder what HotLunch is all about? What it takes to make this program a success? Come and join us at one of our meetings!

We are currently looking for parents to take on the role of Chair and Vice Chair for our program. If you are interested or have any questions please contact

The AES LunchBox would like to thank YOU in advance for your continued support of our great hot lunch program!!!

Education Week: April 30 to May 4, 2018

Education Week takes place April 30 to May 4. Throughout the week, students and staff from Ardrossan Elementary, are showcasing and celebrating the role education plays in shaping the future of our province. Led by the Alberta Teachers' Association and Alberta Education, the annual event is celebrated by school communities province-wide with activities focused around the importance of education.

Today, more than ever, Ardrossan Elementary, our teachers and schools throughout Elk Island Public Schools, are focused on providing students with optimal learning opportunities. As a result, students are honing a broad range of learning experiences that go beyond the core subjects of math, language arts, science and social studies. They’re becoming lifelong learners and developing valuable skills such as ingenuity, creativity, critical thinking and citizenship. Education Week celebrates their learning journey. As such, Ardrossan Elementary has a number of activities planned to demonstrate the outstanding learning taking place in our school. Some of these include: 

  • Grade 6 Manic about Math Museum on May 4th from 12:20 - 2 p.m. in the gym
  • Running Club participation in the EIPS Invitational Relays on May 3rd
  • Art Club and 3K artwork being displayed at Central Office from May 3 to the beginning of June
  • Sportball activity for all students on May 3 and 4 to promote a healthy & active lifestyle



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